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Your choice also cost you a plastic tin of official Mendoza, looks like a domed dum-dum mini-ball, pellets, the inspection sticker... . Like the rifle, not a design I've encountered elsewhere. Wanna have fun, toss one of these into a buddies pellet lineup. RC
Gosh darn giggling out loud here ! :-)
Yes , the linkage and triggers are very unique , and very good actually .
I don't personally care for the stock shape on True Mendozas , without me shaping the living heck out of it like I did the original RM long ago . It honestly looked like Weatberby in every way when I was done , grip cap & forend tip too in Lazermark Weatherby style .
That is why I chose the two recent Mendozas from Air Venturi , beautiful stocks right out the box graceful .
Nice to have your pedigree certificate from inspector though too . All good all around :-)
I'll skip on Round Ball though ;-)