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Thread: Anyone doing any shooting?

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    Default Anyone doing any shooting?

    Though we've had a somewhat rainy summer so far, I've been breaking-in the HW97K by spending a couple of hours knocking tin cans around whenever I can get to it. I finally formed a cock and load routine with the underlever, and getting the pellet loaded is no longer hit or miss. I've become accustomed to the weight, and don't notice it when in the shooting groove. Accuracy beyond my capabilities. Also shooting my .22 HW50S and the Norica Massimo, two other enjoyably accurate shooters. RC

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    Been shooting my R1 and Sheridan Bluestreak. For giggles, my Crosman 1377. I shouldn't say "giggles" as the thing is surprisingly accurate with Crosman Premiers. I mean its so accurate its kinda funny. Great indoor or outside, close range gun. Comparitively the R1 is a canon. Its way accurate (shot correctly) and hits with authority. Never had it tuned. I may never. Currently looking closely at my Sheridan. Going to refinish it in places. I want to scope it eventually.

    Been clanging a small frying pan hung from a tree at 75 yards.


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