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Thread: Friends don't let friends buy gamo

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    Default Friends don't let friends buy gamo

    I had an interesting experience at my pistol club this week. A member was sighting in his new GAMO with a selection of 5 different pellets. The best he could do was 2" groups at 50'. I think I could have bought it for $10 but I don't need a POS.

    I took him aside and checked his rifle out with him. I shot some groups with Gamo Platinum (lead-free) pellets that were one-holers at the same range after getting used to the trigger (rough and heavy.) I set him down and coached him in the artillery hold and the idiosyncrasies of air rifle shooting. As a new air gunner, he had never heard of any of that. A 100 pellets later, he was shooting 1/2" groups and when home happily to terrorize the starlings in his yard.

    When out to the lounge to BS and drink coffee, ANOTHER member asked me to help him with his GAMO. So Monday AM, I'll see what I can do to help him.

    I think this is partially a problem with GAMO's high velocity push that puts cheap high energy springers out there that are hard to shoot. I wonder how many are shot once and put in the corner because of this kind of thing. I also wonder how many people give up on air rifles because of poor experiences.


    Well, it was actually Tuesday but my second friend brought his GAMO to the range.

    Looked brand-new. He told me that the original 4x scope was so bad that he couldn't hit anything, it wouldn't focus at short range, and had no parallax adjustment - this was a couple years ago. He contacted GAMO about the lousy scope and was basically told "you bought a cheap gun with a cheap scope - deal with it." At that time, I suggested a Center Point scope as he didn't want to put much money in a 5 shot a year chipmunk killer. He got the Center Point 4-14x AO scope. It doesn't look bad but overkill for his purpose. Walmart had it cheap! Given the short ranges he was interested in, I had recommended their 3-9x similar to one that I own. They didn't have one at the time.

    I looked over the scope and rifle setup. The scope looked pretty good except, at high power, the eye relief was pretty sensitive. I set it to 4x and shot it to get the zero and to get familiar with the rifle before coaching him. Trigger pull was dreadful, my trigger pull gauge only goes to 8pounds and it was considerably more than that! i couldn't use a light artillery hold because pulling the trigger moved the rifle back on the roll before firing! I had to use a much more aggressive hold to keep it on target. Surprisingly, the cocking effort was much lower than my other friend's GAMO and generally was pretty smooth. The recoil wasn't bad and seemed pretty gentle compared to some higher powered break barrels. However, t
    he best i could do off a carpet roll at 50' with H&N Laser Sport pellets was about 1" for 5 shots.

    My friend is in his mid-80s, just off a serious illness, and pretty weak. He is a NRA Distinguished Rifle and Pistol Shooter so knows how to shoot well. I coached him on how to hold this rifle. At 50' he couldn't do much better than 2" at best. I think the trigger pull was the main issue but his health probably contributes so I can't completely blame the GAMO.

    I'm going to take my FWB300 next Monday to see how he does with that. If he is OK with it, I may lend it to him for a couple weeks of chipmunk shooting!

    Let you know!!
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    Default Re: Friends don't let friends buy gamo

    Yeah but...

    For a cheap budget its something. What light to be trashed upon purchase is the scope. Heres a gun where iron sights should rein, peep or otherwise. There ARE other guns better for the buck, lower velocity, pump pneumarltic, but a world away better. Still if they ditch the scope, shoot heavy pelletsx it can be effective close in.


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