Continuation on the GAMO ISSUE. My new slogan is "Friends don't let Friends buy GAMO!"

My second friend brought his GAMO for me to look at and to see if I could get it shooting. He has a 4-14x Centerpoint scope that is quite adequate but a bit overdoing it for this rifle. After some tinkering, I tried it with some H&N Laser Sport pellets at 50' off a carpet roll.

Lots of skipping around on the target. Mostly because the trigger is so stiff that I couldn't use a light hold on the stock and get it to work. I had to grasp the stock pretty firmly to keep the rifle from moving with my trigger pull. I am guessing 10 pounds or more! Eventually I came to terms with the trigger pull and stock hold issues and was able shoot 1" or less size groups at 50' - terrible but the best I could do with that rifle.

My friend is in his early 80's and pretty weak from a recent illness so he was not able to do that. By the way, he is a NRA DISTINGUISHED PISTOL AND RIFLE SHOOTER so he knows how to shoot well.

Don't ask which GAMO either of these guys had. I didn't look at them that hard. Simple short name is POS.

I may loan him my FWB300 to take care of his short-range chipmunk problem.