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Thread: NORICA Black Eagle .177

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    Default NORICA Black Eagle .177

    If Kevin sold these I'd have gotten it here, but he doesn't and I didn't. I purchased my first Norica years ago, and since, I've held them in high regard as well made and quite accurate shooters. The Black Eagle is no exception. It has the superb, adjustable trigger which isn't all that different from the Rekord on Weihrauch's rifles. I shot a 10 shot group using H&N Sport pellets within an hour after receiving it, and since, it's gotten only better. I've already voided the warrantee by sawing off the front sight, then filing, sanding, and finishing the moderator with an extra-fine steel wool finish, and installed a scope. Impressive accuracy, nice looks, make for a rifle that's a joy to shoot. RC

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    Default Re: NORICA Black Eagle .177

    A looker on top of it all the performance , lookin sharp , love the Bavarian style rear stock look ...
    Good Day , Kelly
    KB CUSTOM-Gunsmith

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