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Thread: air pistol for hunting chickens

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    timmy96815 Guest

    Default air pistol for hunting chickens

    Hello everybody. I allready know that a rifle would be better for this but due to my circumstances I need a pistol to kill chickens quickly. The problem is I am not sure if there is enough power. Do you guys think 700 fps in .17 would do it or are there any suggestions.

    Thanks so much

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    rehmk5 Guest

    Default Re: air pistol for hunting chickens

    Air pistol?
    Feral chickens?
    Good luck!
    I'm not a top shooter, even with an air rifle.
    One farm had feral chickens. I usually used my 675 fps (8 gr pell) .177 Weihrauch HW55 10 meter rifle (with scope and rest).
    I found head and particularly solid neck shots put them down. Neck better than head.
    Even well-placed body shots needed Beeman R9 and up power.
    Never tried it with a pistol.

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    The Verminator Guest

    Default Re: air pistol for hunting chickens

    I agree 100% with Robert..

    I just killed my first feral chicken on a pest hunt the other day.

    Good luck getting a clean head shot, or even a neck shot, if the chickens are on alert. You will need at least an R9 if you are taking body shots and you better use a deep-penetrating pellet like a Kodiak, too. Predator pellets will get hung up on chicken feathers unless you hit 'em in the head..

    Remember, chickens will even run around for a while after their heads have been chopped off, so don't underestimate just how tough these guys can be..

    Good luck! TV

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