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    carldoc Guest

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    Good evening, people. What would be the opinion of SS and others on the forum about the HW95 in .25 caliber? Do you feel that it would be under powered? I like springers especially the HW95/R-9 models and the reputation/quality HW has. I thought I would toss this out for discussion. BTW, I don't post often at all but come here to get the great info on this page. Thanks.

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    xposo Guest

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    A .25 HW95?
    No. Now if it was a Patriot, or a RX, then o.k., but not a 95. To me, the 95 doesn't have enough power to push such a big round effectively, even if it's tuned.
    It'll just be lobing the pellet to the target.
    In my opinion, the HW95/R9 works best with only 3 calibers, and .25 isn't one of them.
    Just my opinion.

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    Ambush Hunter Guest

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    Agree. It's OK for R1/HW80, especially a Vorteked one. But R9/HW95 in .25 is counterproductive.

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    I agree. The HW95/R9 just isn't powerful enough to handle .25 caliber effectively. I'd shy away from that.

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